Summer Slam V

location: Margarita Mamas, Station Square

It is that time of year again. Join us from 5:00-8:00 p.m. for the fifth annual summer social.

Developers, leave your code at the office; DBAs, forget Oracle and SQL for one night; CIOs, you can worry about the information technology audit tomorrow. It’s time for Pittsburgh user groups to unite! For the fifth consecutive year the summer socials of many Pittsburgh user groups — including GPEP, IRMAP, ISSA, PES, PittJUG, Pgh.NET, PghOUG, PMI’s IT SIG, PSSUG, WPEAF and WSUG — combine for a unique night of networking and fun. Learn about the benefits and challenges of each technology through informal conversations with peers. Enjoy free appetizers, raffle prizes and a cash bar.