Secrets of SEO for legal website

Promotion of a legal site is not an easy task. Legal services on the Internet are quite popular, so the competition in major cities does not lag behind the demand. So how to get more visitors/orders from your legal site? Professional law firm seo will allow you to significantly increase the number of your clients from the site. This guide will allow you to get an answer to the following questions:

  • What is search engine optimization of the site?
  • How often do people look for legal services online?
  • Which areas of legal activity are in greatest demand?
  • How to optimize your law firm’s website to get the most orders?
  • Why sometimes even a professional legal website has no visitors?

What is SEO?

Website search engine optimization is a set of methods to improve the position of the site in the results of search engines (eg: Google) on the requests of users who are commercially interesting to the owner of the site. The higher the position of the site in search results is, the more interested visitors move to the site from search engines, which contributes to the growth of requests and sales of commercial sites and online stores.

What does the search engine promotion of the site include?

  1. Complete SEO audit of the site and elimination of all technical aspects that hinder the successful promotion.
  2. Marketing audit of the site to identify your strengths/weaknesses compared to competitors in your industry, as well as recommendations for improving the conversion of the site.
  3. Compile a complete semantic core of key requests that are entered by your potential customers.
  4. Publication of links to your site with authoritative for search engines thematic resources.
  5. Plan to publish SEO articles on your blog to reach your target audience even more.
  6. Work of programmers on SEO optimization of your site.

Internet popularity of legal services

Demand for legal services on the Internet is gradually growing. This has already led to the emergence of countless legal sites even in small towns and increased competition in Google search engines.

The most popular legal services on the Internet

Demand for legal services is quite high in all areas of legal activity. To begin with, it is necessary to allocate two classes of legal services: for Legal entities and for Individuals. The greatest demand are notaries, a little less popular lawyers. Classification of legal services by type of activity:

  • Legal advice;
  • Drawing up procedural documents;
  • Representation of interests in court;
  • Registration/elimination of legal entities;
  • Drawing up of contracts.

Advice on optimizing the legal site to increase the flow of target visitors

The main secret in SEO promotion of legal services website is to create appropriate landing pages for all types of legal services. It is also important at least approximately orient your clients to the cost of certain legal services. If it is impossible to form the exact price for each service without specification of details with the client, then specify price ranges. Qualitative description of the service on the landing pages of your site and the indication of the price will allow your site to have better positions in search engines that will increase the number of visitors/clients on your site.

Why sometimes even a professional legal site has no visitors?

It is important to understand that the service of law firms, notaries/lawyers is competitive even on the Internet. Websites providing this service are very numerous. Therefore, each legal company needs not only to develop its website, but also to conduct work on SEO. For this purpose, it is better to use New York internet marketing services.