Announcing: JavaScript OOP

Our next meeting, coming up on Tuesday 3/11/2014 at the Microsoft Offices is about JavaScript. Specifically, about object oriented JavaScript. One of our very own, Jeremy Wells, will talk about the benefits of entering the JavaScript space with OOP principles in mind.

In his talk, he will be covering questions about scoping, being modular, and just general improvements around organizing that mess of JavaScript code that starts to pile up. This can all be achieved while not sacrificing the dynamic, functional nature of JavaScript.

We are definitely excited to see Jeremy’s take on these classic problems.

I also want to thank CEI for sponsoring our March meeting. I know they have some developer positions available that are directly relevant to our .NET user group. CEI will be in attendance if you have any further questions before or after the meeting. Here are a few notes about who they are and what they do.

Exceptional People Delivering Custom Applications

Our Microsoft Solutions team leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver high value for our customers. We build applications and provide consulting all while grounded in the realities of a customer’s business. Our clients know the work we deliver is done with pride, passion, and workmanship.

Do you want to build great software for great clients while working with some of the best developer-architects around?

We are looking for .NET Developers, Mobile Developers, Web Developers who are ready to take their skills, projects, and career to the next level. Come learn from our team of Microsoft Certified Technical Specialists, Rangers, and MVPs.

The Microsoft Solutions Division is run by Microsoft Regional Director and .NET Author, Mike

Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Never a dull moment: You will work to mentor great clients, building software across multiple industries including finance, health care, manufacturing, software development, logistics, marketing, legal, and more.
  • Get your hands on the latest tech: you will be trained on and working with the latest technologies including TFS 2013, Windows 8, .NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5, mobile, HTML 5 / CSS3, jQuery, and more
  • Collaborate with an awesome team: you will be working with a great team of seasoned experts including published authors, a Microsoft RD, Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Rangers, and certified Technical Specialists. This team expects to both mentor new members and learn from them.
  • Work offsite: we do not *place* consultants at one client then the next. For the most part, our solutions team members work together from CEI’s offices. We go onsite with clients as-needed. However, our teams stay co-located and cohesive within CEI.
  • Advance your career: at CEI, you will not get stuck doing the same old thing. Our first priority is building great software; we get it. We have a career path charted from Developer to Sr. Architect.